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      At reclaimed 34, our mission is to find loving homes for retired lumber. Our furniture and projects have the quality, authenticity, and style that isn't found in mass-produced pieces. 

     We strive to provide our customers with a variety of eco-friendly and durable finishes so you can feel as good about our furniture as we do. Each client and project is unique, and we want to bring the personal aspect of artisanal woodworking back. That means that regardless of your budget, design consultations and personalized sketches are always included in our service, as is to-your-door delivery in North Bay and surrounding areas. Out-of-town delivery is also available. We occasionally have pre-made furniture for sale listed in our "Available now" section, but most of our projects are custom-made. 


Reclaimed wood furniture

Our lumber is sourced from the Ottawa valley and northern Ontario. We have supply from torn-down barns, aged wood from old sawmills, or windfallen trees. When we don't have the perfect piece of salvaged wood for your project, our raw materials are locally sourced from sustainable forestry industry. We also have live-edge pieces available. When the origin of the wood is known, we like to provide our customers with the history behind their re-homed lumber. 


Once we get our hands on it, we restore the wood to its natural beauty while maintaining its character and patina. That means that our pieces often carry characteristic marks that come from being trod on for decades, or telltale rough-cut sawmill markings. 

Reclaimed wood furniture

We use a variety of finishes in order to achieve the effect we want, including tung oil, pigmented oils, natural oxidizers, wax, and milk paint. All of our finishes are durable and considered safe for food contact. Our rule of thumb is that if we aren't comfortable finishing it in our own home, then it shouldn't go into yours. 

Reclaimed wood furniture

We like to play around with different styles of furniture, from more rustic-appearing pieces, to a more polished and modern look. Different types of wood are used depending on the look we wish to achieve. We currently have pine, maple, cherry, and  limited amounts of black walnut in stock, as well as wooden doors from a 150-year-old farmhouse.  Availability does vary, depending on what treasure trove we've gotten our hands on. 

Reclaimed wood furniture

Each piece of furniture is unique and designed in order to showcase the wood's personality. Some of our customers come to us with a very specific idea in mind, whereas others prefer perusing through our custom sketches or photos of past projects in order to find inspiration for the perfect piece of furniture. 


We occasionally have pre-made pieces available for immediate ownership, listed in the "available now" section. 

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