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Shelves, wall storage, and chalkboards


Shelves and storage can be both functional and visually appealling. Attention to such details can make an otherwise uninteresting room appear customized for a low cost. 

Hangers and accents


Our reclaimed wood home accents are always one-of-a-kind, since we acquire most of our hooks and pulls from antique shops or old pieces of furniture. 


Cutting boards and serving platters

Food preparation (and ingestion!) is always more enjoyable when your kitchen is stocked with beautiful and practical items.
Our cutting boards are made from specially selected hardwoods which undergo a complete makeover. Imperfections are sanded away and each board is assembled using the highest-quality food-safe products, before several coats of hand-rubbed finish are applied to seal and waterproof the wood. Our cutting board finish is so safe, it is edible! (Though it isn't very tasty). With care and general maintenance, these boards can last a lifetime. 
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